September 15-17, 2017

Your Package: 5 meals from Friday evening through Sunday noon, and rooms starting @ $186/person (triple), $221/person (double) or $299/person (single).  


Open Women’s Retreat 2017 schedule.


Listen for the shofar (ram’s horn) at the start of our retreat!


Speaker: Marsha Harvell

marsha-harvell-2-fr-web-4-webMarsha Harvell packs experience, excitement and elegance into focused studies of God’s Word. She’s a world traveler, having taught for 0ver 30 years on three continents, as well as missionary, gifted teacher, church planter and international trainer for Precept  Ministries – one of God’s partners in transformation. She has dedicated her life to helping others study the Bible, to lead Bible studies, and to discover the power of praying Scripture over themselves and their loved ones. Marsha has written the book, The Covenant Maker: Knowing God and His Promises for Salvation and Marriage, and is the co-author (with her husband, Ron) of The Watchman on the Wall, volumes 1 and 2. Volume 2 is hot off the press as of fall, 2016! Marsha’s books will be available in our Gift Shop. Learn more at Marsha’s website @ WOW 2 Standing Paperback

** Please bring your Bible with you!

  • You will be digging deeply into God’s Word, so come prepared to hear His messages for you!


Worship: SBEFC Worship Team

All five members of the SBEFC Worship Team are looking forward to participating in our retreat: Angela Coney, Kathleen Cheadle, Amber Coney, Kim Swarthout and Kerry Briscoe. More information is on the way.

Weekend Emcee: Michele Giletto




Click to view photos of our 2016 Women’s Retreat in action.