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CrossGen 2020

Living As Everyday Missionaries

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Jan 10 2020 - Jan 12 2020 - 4 - 7 pm Arrival

Ryan Hairston, Speaker

Living As Everyday Missionaries



  • 2-nights lodging & 5 meals (Saturday Breakfast - Sunday lunch)
  • $389/family in one room (three to six people ages 6 & up)
  • $289/family of 2 people (ages 6 & up)
  • $189/one person (single occupancy)
CrossGen 2020 Focuses on Living as Everyday Missionaries!

CrossGen is intentional about unifying the different generations in Jesus. Families, couples and singles gathered together for a conference with worship, teaching and inter-generational interactions. Parents, grandparents and other mentors keyed in on impressing Jesus into the lives of younger generations.

CrossGen 2020 focuses on living as everyday missionaries.

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