A message from Executive Director, Mark Swartley regarding the coronavirus.

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FMCA Fall Conference Call

Light on the Mountain!

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Oct 19 2020 - Oct 19 2020 - 7 pm

For such a time as this, Spruce Lake & Pinebrook were placed on this mountain to burn brightly in a world that is growing dark.   We who follow Jesus must shine before others, that our heavenly Father is glorified. 

Location:  Zoom Conference Call

Dear Spruce Lake & Pinebrook Family,
Due to social distancing,  in lieu of the FMCA Fall Reception, we will be meeting via Zoom:
Video Conferencing
As you all know, this has been a difficult year. Financially, we have done all we can to be good stewards and to stay fiscally sound as much as we have been able. 
During this meeting, we will discuss our financial position, the steps and direction we need to take to sustain our programs in 2021, but most importantly, this meeting will be about us, the followers of Christ, and how we need to be the light on this mountain pointing more people toward Christ!
More than ever in our history, we need your support.
We ask that you join us on this very important video call:
(link here)
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