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(Grades 6-12)

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Feb 24 2023 - Feb 26 2023 - 7 pm Arrival

Ignite your faith at our exciting youth weekends!


This is a great time for youth groups to fire up faith, friendships and fun! You’ll experience digging deeper into topics of life and faith, along with ample time to enjoy all the activities.



  • $129/person
  • 2 nights + 4 meals (Saturday breakfast - Sunday breakfast)

Speaker – Shawn White

Shawn White comes to us from Gateway Church in New Jersey. He and his wife, Claire, have been in ministry for 20+ years and serve as the assistant pastors of Gateway Church. Both are passionate about building the Church by simply sharing the love of Jesus with people.

Worship Leader – Sarah Glick

Sarah and her ensemble lead worship with energy, passion and meaning. In the past she served as Fireside worship leader for Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp.

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