October 18, 2018

6:45 p.m. @ Franconia Heritage Restaurant 

Participants in the October 17, 2017, fall meeting of Franconia Mennonite Camp Association met for the first time in a new venue, Franconia Heritage Restaurant. It was a wonderful evening of dessert and lively conversation among friends of Spruce Lake. Let us know your response to this venue by giving us a call at 800-822-7505.

We look forward to another great gathering in 2018; more details will be posted as plans are finalized. Generally, during each fall Association Event, we will share news and information about what God is doing among his people at Spruce Lake. The evening is at no cost to you.

We also invite you to participate in the evening’s offering; more details will be posted here.

Our Franconia Mennonite Camp Association bylaws direct Association members to perform a few official duties at each fall assembly. So we will spend a few minutes this evening recognizing the service of board members whose terms are ending, and voting to approve board members recommended for new terms of service.

Franconia Heritage Restaurant is located at 508 Harleysville Pike (Route 113), Souderton, PA  18964.


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What is the sponsoring organization, Franconia Mennonite Camping Association (FMCA)?
Franconia Mennonite Camp Association, Inc. is the nonprofit entity which founded, owns and operates Spruce Lake. Formed in 1961 by Christians from Franconia Conference of the Mennonite Church, these founders dreamed of starting a camp for nurture and outreach in church and community. The property we now know as Spruce Lake was purchased by FMCA in 1963.

Anyone who supports Spruce Lake’s mission of Pointing People Toward Christ and can affirm the Anabaptist/Mennonite expression of Christian faith may become an FMCA member. (Affirming the Mennonite faith perspective does not mean you must be a Mennonite to join.) To join FMCA, there’s an application form to fill out, and a required one-time donation of $100, which goes into the Wilderness Camp endowment fund for long-term benefit.

Our bylaws require us to take care of a few corporate items of business at the fall Association event. This usually takes only a few minutes, and involves introducing incoming board members who will be serving us, recognizing those who are leaving, and any other required business.

I really want to come to the event, but am not an Association member.
 Everyone, regardless of membership in the Association, is welcome to attend our FMCA-sponsored events, both the fall reception and the spring open house. And, if you want to support Spruce Lake by becoming an Association member yourself, please ask Executive Director Mark Swartley (800-822-7505 x 113) or Development Director Dave Trout (570-236-1489) for more information.