Our Wilderness Expeditions program offers unique, fulfilling adventures with trained guides. You’ll experience awe-inspiring sights and the thrill of mastering a challenge! Most of all, there are daily opportunities for growing your relationship with God.  

  • Daily devotions and reflection
  • Structured solo time to reconnect with God
  • On-site training, with all equipment provided
  • Supported leadership experience in small groups.

2019 Expeditions:


Intensity Guide

  1. Moderate – requires a reasonable level of cardio physical fitness, with day-long activities like hiking (with 20 pound pack), climbing, canoeing and mountain biking
  2. Intermediate – activities continue over multiple days, often over rough terrain with elevation gains while carrying a heavy pack, or canoeing rapids
  3. Strenuous – significant daily physical challenges such as backpacking for multiple days over rugged terrain with substantial elevation gain with a backpack weighing up to 30% of your body weight

Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp Expeditions from Spruce Lake on Vimeo.