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Fall-Winter Spruce Lake


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November 15, 2021

Dear Spruce Lake & Pinebrook Family,

We can’t help but tell how God has shown up

in the life of Pinebrook & Spruce Lake this past year,
and to bring the Glory to Him!

Spruce Lake opened its doors almost 60 years ago and is still Pointing People Toward Christ!
Even throughout these difficult times, God has drawn people to Himself.
He has provided for, sustained and encouraged us so that today,
Spruce Lake and Pinebrook are stable and alive.

* COVID-19 Safety Policies – updated May 26, 2021
* Read entire letter in the Fall-Winter Reflections here


It hasn’t been easy. But the ministry stayed the course
through prayer, the wisdom of many counselors, and with God’s provision.

These snapshots
show how God has brought us from the darkness of 2020

to the stable place we’re in today:

-We prayed daily, especially that God would protect these properties from Covid. (And He did!)

-We stayed open, whether online or in person.

-We honed the art of “just waiting” – JUST AS it came time to open Day Camp, Wilderness Camp and August Family Week,
the state had relaxed certain restrictions through the “Green Phase,” allowing us to reopen these programs.

-We cared for our staff, as laid-off employees were able to take advantage
of Unemployment Compensation (funds that many nonprofits choose to be exempt from.)

-The federal government granted Christian ministries, including us, access to funds that saved us
from nose-diving into debt or shutting down.

-Incredible support from the Spruce Lake/Pinebrook community saw us through,
giving over $1,100,000 to sustain the ministry.

Before 2020, we would all tell of the blessings God had showered on Spruce Lake.
Now we can tell of His wonders in the tough times as well.
You can’t help but see His hand guiding and protecting His ministry now…

At Pinebrook in 2021, we opened our first summer of Day Camp and guest groups have been returning all year.

At Spruce Lake, as we recovered from the downturn, over 15,000 guests returned in 2021.
We’re renovating, fixing and updating as much as we can afford.

Regarding the Youth Campus Cabin project –

Costs are much higher now than 2 years ago, and the board is reviewing the project, looking for God’s timing.
All the dollars already given toward the cabins have been held in reserve, so they are available
when it is time to move forward.

Trust with us that the mission of Pinebrook & Spruce Lake will continue –
with even greater vision and a deeper ability to love others.

We will continue to seek God’s kingdom first,
and allow Him to do the rest!

May God strengthen YOUR faith in Him, as well as ours.

To God be the glory!


Mark S. Swartley

Executive Director
Spruce Lake & Pinebrook