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Gap Year Program

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Introducing our gap year program, RENEW!

Dive deeper into your faith with nine months of learning and three months of hands-on ministry! 


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  • $15,000 per student with credits.
  • $11,400 per student without credits.
  • Students paid per hour for time spent working at Spruce Lake: 15-25 hours per week.
  • Option for “Work Study” reduces cost by $6,000 – $11,400 per year.


Classes will be taken through Anchor Christian University with teachers from Spruce Lake staff. Transfer is guaranteed to these universities: Cairn, Cedarville, Clarks Summit, Liberty, Southeastern, and Lancaster Bible College. There’s the potential for transferability to other colleges.


There are three types of days: work days, class days, and off-site days. Students will have two class days per week and will complete four three-credit classes each semester for a total of eight classes and twenty-four credits in the year. The material and assignments from these classes will be applied within their other work as they look to integrate their learning in day-to-day life.

Go to our resources section to download a sample copy of a weekly schedule.


Students will each have a unique placement within a church or ministry in our community. Twice per month they will serve and meet with a leader of this ministry. This will provide another way of shaping students and a practical place to apply their skills. Not only will this allow for another mentor to invest and speak into their lives – it also provides more insight into the type of job that students may desire after the program’s completion.


A ten-day international trip to Costa Rica through “VidaNet” is anticipated to be a key part of the program as students are given the opportunity to engage with another culture. All costs will be covered by the tuition fee. This trip consists of three days of training at the disciple base, five days of service, and concludes with an adventure day.

Each month, students will participate in two local “adventure days” with the goal of building and uniting them as a team. Trips will include activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, escape rooms, apple picking, and more.



Students will be provided bunk-style sleeping accommodations at Pinebrook campus and should expect to have a roommate. A communal lounge space will be available as a mixed gender “hangout” space. Separate sleeping facilities will be provided for each gender. All meals are provided.


Jonathan (Jonny) Tice is the Spruce Lake Director. He graduated from Nyack College with a degree in Music Education. Jonny first served at Spruce Lake as a counselor on summer staff where he met his wife, Nikah. They have three kids: Cadence, Coda, and Dorian. Jonny has been serving year round at Spruce Lake since 2019.

Prior to working year-round at Spruce Lake, he taught middle and high school music at a bilingual Christian School in Honduras for three years. Outside of his work at camp, Jonny enjoys spending time with his family, being in the outdoors, and listening to and singing Broadway musicals at the top of his lungs.


Moraya has been serving with Spruce Lake in many different capacities since 2015. She has taught in Spruce Lake’s outdoor education program, leadership training program, and day camp.

Moraya went to college in Virginia at Liberty University and graduated with a degree in Education in 2018. She worked in the public school system for two years prior to working year-round at Spruce Lake. Outside of work, she loves to read, explore outdoors, and paint happy little trees with Bob Ross.

Connie has assumed many roles at Spruce Lake including Outdoor Education Teacher and Director, Summer Ministries Program Assistant, Day Camp Program Assistant, Adventure Program Facilitator and Trainer, and manager of the summer leadership training program. Her current role is the Education Director at Spruce Lake. She has a degree in Biology Education from Messiah College.

Connie loves being outside, camping, kayaking, and cooking over a fire. She is an avid Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles fan and enjoys reading and listening to music.


Simeon is a Gap Year Program houseparent. He attended seven colleges in seven years and graduated with a biology degree. He has worked on several teams at Spruce Lake, including Adult & Family Ministries, Wilderness Camp, and Outdoor Education. He is married to Rebekah and they have three children.
With Simeon taking off work, the past year has marked a time of Sabbath for his entire family to grow in God and have adventures. Simeon loves being in nature, scuba diving, snorkeling, spending time with his family, having Kingdom conversations, and reading.
What’s included?

Your tuition covers room and board (all meals covered, linens and laundry facilities provided), college classes (24 credits), textbooks and course materials, all costs for the 10-day missions trip (excluding passport costs and any spending money students may want to bring), trainings and conferences, individual coaching and discipleship, and day trips.

How academic is Renew? I’m a little burnt out by school.

Our program is designed with experiential learning at the forefront. While there will be approximately 2 class days a week, much of the learning will take place outside of the classroom. In addition, most class assignments will be integrated into a hands-on ministry experience.

Do I need health insurance?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of insurance in order to be accepted into the program. If you do not currently have health insurance, we may be able to work with you to find an affordable plan that covers you through your time in Renew.

Is there a minimum age?

There is no minimum age. However, to be eligible for our program, you must have your high school diploma or GED. If you are under the age of 18 during the application process, a parent or legal guardian must co-sign your documents.

Is financial aid available?

No, Renew students are not eligible for federal/state financial aid or student loans.

What are the available payment plans?

There are currently 3 payment plans available:

  • Pay in full
  • Pay in 2 installments (semesterly)
  • Pay monthly

You may also choose to use some or all of your wages earned during the program to pay for your tuition.

Will I get paid during the program?

Yes, any hours worked in Pinebrook or Spruce Lake’s ministries will be compensated at or above minimum wage.

How much spending money will I need?

Because all your meals and housing needs will be covered by tuition, your only need for spending money would be to cover personal hygiene items, clothing purchases, or bills such as car insurance. However, you may choose to bring spending money for activities in your free time, extra snacks, or souvenirs on the international/day trips.

What are the program dates?

Fall Semester 2023: Wednesday, Aug. 30th – Friday, Dec. 22nd

Spring Semester 2024: Monday, Jan. 15th – Wednesday, May 15th

Summer Work Experience 2024: Thursday, May 23rd – Friday, Aug. 18th

Do I get a break between semesters?
Yes! There will be time off over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter as well as between spring semester and summer work experience. You will coordinate your time off with Renew staff within the following windows of time:
Nov 23-26
Dec 23-Jan 14
Mar 27-Apr 2
May 16-22
What will I need to bring with me?

You will need a valid U.S. passport (or documents to get one) as well as other things such as toiletries, school supplies, and your Bible. For a detailed packing list, please see the resources section below.

Can my family come and visit?

Your family is welcome to book a room(s) at the staff rate at either our Pinebrook or Spruce Lake location. Because every aspect of our program is thoughtfully planned to maximize the time you’re studying, serving, or engaging in community, it’s important to plan their visit around any required activities.

Do I need to bring my vehicle?

A vehicle is not necessary to participate in the program as Pinebrook and Spruce Lake will provide all necessary transportation to Renew activities and events. If you would like to bring a vehicle to use in your free time, you may.