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Youth Camps

Overnight Camps at Spruce Lake

41.2266° N, 75.2676° W

Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania is the ideal place for overnight summer camp! Here at Spruce Lake, kids are out in the midst of God’s creation for 6 exciting days of fun, Bible teaching and adventure!

Daily activities take advantage of Spruce Lake’s 888 acres of woodlands, waterfalls, and mountain streams. Campers love the 500-foot zip line, the 3-person climbing tower, archery range, kayaking, power swing, swimming at the pool, adventure programming, outdoor explorations, and daily Fireside worship and Bible teaching.

All camp activities are age-appropriate, and team members & counselors are carefully selected, screened and trained to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of campers.

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Wilderness Camp 2022 – “Abide in ME”

From elementary school through college, we are bombarded with messages to trust in ourselves. “Be who YOU want to be!”

But our Lord and Savior teaches us just the opposite! We are to find our life, our meaning, our purpose in HIM. In fact, He even says that “apart from Me, you can do nothing.”

At SPRUCE LAKE WILDERNESS CAMP, kids can find meaning and purpose – not in themselves but in JESUS CHRIST. And what better place to HAVE FUN IN THE SUN than in GOD’s great CREATION.



ABIDE in me, and I in you.

As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide IN ME.

John 15:4

On-site Overnight Camps By Age Group

Discoverers (Ages 8-10)

Discoverers introduces younger campers to all the fun outdoor activities and to being away from home.

Not that they will have much time to think about missing home! We keep them active as their tent groups participate in games, the mini-zipline, swimming, kayaking, nature activities, sports, the 300-foot water slide, daily devotionals, lively evening Fireside worship and more!

Two counselors per tent group will look after campers’ daily needs and be fun-loving Christian role models.  We make sure to have earlier bedtimes so there is always a new supply of energy for the next day. Campers also stay with their tent groups for stability and continuity.

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  • Discoverers (Ages 8-10)
  • July 3-8, 2022
  • Cost $374
  • Sunday 3:15 pm through Friday 3:30 pm

Discoverers Program Details

Explorers (Ages 9-11)

Explorers week serves as a stepping stone between Discoverers and Trekkers.

Campers will meet new friends in their tent, explore creation, and enjoy activities such as slingshots, tie-dye, swimming, kayaks, and more! They will also have the opportunity to rise to new heights on the Climbing Wall.

Quality counselors will guide their campers in fun and in growing in their faith. We watch God work every day through messages from the camp pastor, passionate worship during Fireside, and relationships built.

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  • Explorers (Ages 9-11)
  • June 19-24, 2022
  • Cost $374
  • Sunday 3:15 pm through Friday 6:30 pm

Explorers Program Details

Trekkers (Ages 10-12)

Trekkers focuses on the uniqueness of the preteen age group. This week provides campers with opportunities to explore new interests, try new skills, and enjoy more activity options. Activity choices will be made within the tent group unit, with many choices for fun throughout the day.

Tent group activities include morning devotionals, kayaking, mini-golf, swimming, the big water slide, group games, power swing, sports, and a fun late-night event.

Tent group activity options enable campers to experience a variety of activities or learn a new skill while entering into opportunities to bond with their tent mates.

Each day ends by playing hard during Rec Hour, then enjoying lively Fireside worship with lots of music, singing, and relevant messages by the week’s camp pastor.

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  • Trekkers Week (Ages 10-12)
  • July 31-August 5, 2022
  • Cost $374
  • Sunday at 3:15 pm through Friday 6:30 pm

Trekker Program Details

Trailblazers (Ages 11-13)

Trailblazers will enjoy the Power Swing and a special evening activity. Bridge the gap with this new camp designed for ages 11-13.

Compete in tent challenges and make connections with counselors and tent mates!

New activity options added for this age group are archery and escape room. Campers will also enjoy camp favorites and have the option to choose from a variety of activities within their tent groups.

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  • Trailblazers (Ages 11-13)
  • June 26-July 1, 2022
  • Cost $374
  • Sunday at 3:15 pm through Friday 6:30 pm

Trailblazers Program Details

Adventurers (Ages 12-14)

Adventurers will have a wider variety of activities from which to choose within their tent groups. The camp day will generally end later than the younger camps.

Counselors and speakers purposefully engage campers in conversations about relevant spiritual and relational issues, with a focus on developing healthy relationships with others and with God their Creator.

Tent group activities offer a wide range of outdoor, adventure and creative activities from which to choose. Campers will ride the Zipline and play the “Mission Impossible” night game for the first time this week!

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  • Adventurers Week (Ages 12-14)
  • July 10-15, 2022
  • Cost $374
  • Sunday at 3:15 pm through Friday 6:30 pm

Adventurer Program Details

Navigators (Ages 14-18)

Navigators Camp (youth week) provides a unique atmosphere for senior high-age campers to enjoy positive relationships with peers and counselors while exploring issues of life, relationships and faith.

Along with all the fun and adventure will be a casual-dress theme dinner with entertainment to make this week extra special.

As always, this week will include the ever-popular game, Mission Impossible, active Rec Hour and Fireside, with relevant messages and lively worship.

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  • Navigators Week (Ages 14-18)
  • July 24-29, 2022
  • Cost $399
  • Sunday 3:15 pm through Friday 6:30 pm

Navigator Program Details