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Spring & Summer Ministry


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April 15, 2022


Dear Spruce Lake & Pinebrook Family,

Over the past 2 years, we have learned (or tried to learn!) how to Abide in Christ in the turbulent world of COVID. This took on a whole new feel as we waited on the Lord through through closures, layoffs, financial concerns, fear and personal dark days.

I am so happy to say that God found us right where we were, and carried us through!
Our staff, board and community have stood steadfast, all abiding with Him through the crisis.

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A New Day

As we turn the page in 2022, we look forward to abiding in Christ in a new season. This new day brings much hope:

Guest Groups are turning to our properties!

Spruce Lake Outdoor School is running a full spring program!

Kids are signing up for Wilderness Camp & Day Camp!

Summer Retreat Program guests are returning!


A New Challenge

With opportunity, however, comes challenge.
We now have staffing challenges as we have never seen before, and we could easily become fearful that God will not provide the staffing levels needed to serve our guests well.

But if we have learned anything recently, it is that God is our Provider, as long as we remain In Him, seeking and abiding in Him for all that we need.


A New Opportunity

As you can see, abiding is not situational but is the state of Being With Christ, no matter the situation.
He is with us even when we forget to remain in Him.

As 2022 continues to unfold, we trust that you will strive with us to Abide in Christ, looking to him to effect

Please keep Spruce Lake & Pinebrook in your prayers, as staffing and rising costs are now our top concerns.
We have this opportunity to set our minds to trust that God will get us over these hurdles,
knowing He will see us through all that will come.


Mark S. Swartley

Executive Director
Spruce Lake & Pinebrook

P.S. All of you who long to hear about the restart of the Wilderness Cabin Project, stay tuned!
GOD is moving on this front as well!