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Labor Day Weekend 2020

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Sep 04 2020 - Sep 07 2020 - 4 - 8 pm Arrival

Featuring Mark Swartley, “Jazz Sunday Collective”, Spruce Lake Worship Team, & “For the Fatherless”

This weekend is a treat for music-lovers, featuring a full-length concert each evening, and a special worship time Sunday morning. Let the music make your steps lively and bring worship to your heart!



  • 3-nights lodging & meals (Saturday Breakfast through Monday lunch)
  • $864/Family of 4 people
  • $984/Family of 6 people
  • Call us for additional packages

Saturday Evening Concert – “For the Fatherless”

Brian & Christa Yak, husband and wife, are For The Fatherless. Their name as musicians is founded on their experiences as children, growing up all too familiar with feeling fatherless. Christa lost her father from a brain tumor when she was seven. Addictions led Brian’s dad to abandon his family. Today the couple is leading worship and sharing their stories and original songs to seek God’s grace for each person, so they may realize the fullness of God’s love for them as His children!


Sunday Morning Speaker – Mark Swartley

Mark Swartley serves as Spruce Lake’s Executive Director, and is passionate about pointing people toward Christ.

Worship – Spruce Lake Worship Team

Inspirational worship this weekend will be led by our talented staff musicians, comprised of Dawn Lantz (flute), Jackie Swartley (keyboard) and Herb Lantz (guitar).


Sunday Evening Concert – “Jazz Sunday Collective”

Jazz Sunday Collective started many years ago as a group of jazz musicians who played regular church services together. Over time, the core trio of piano/vocal, bass and drums developed into a sensitive, creative unit inspired by David K. August’s arrangements and compositions.

The main group features cabaret vocalist Mindy Sax, session drummer Thierry Arpino, electric bassist Kip Sophos, and leader on piano/guitar and vocal David K. August. The musicians of Jazz Sunday Collective are seasoned professionals who bring the Spirit out of every performance with a sincere, unique sound..




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