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Labor Day Weekend

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Sep 03 2021 - Sep 06 2021 - 4 - 8 pm Arrival

Featuring Mark Swartley and Spruce Lake Worship Team

 Let the music make your steps lively and bring worship to your heart!



  • STANDARD Rates below -- Get DELUXE Spruce Lodge rooms at STANDARD rate & SAVE $90
  • 3 nights lodging & meals (Saturday Breakfast through Monday lunch)
  • $798/Family of 3
  • $882/Family of 4
  • $942/Family of 5
  • Call us for all other pricing

Sunday Morning Speaker – Mark Swartley

Mark Swartley is the Executive Director of Spruce Lake & Pinebrook, where he leads the ministry in its core purpose of Pointing People Toward Christ. A visionary leader, Mark sees beyond himself and the resources physically visible. Under his direction, Spruce Lake and Pinebrook have grown to serve over 43,000 guests each year. It has been an exciting, rewarding and humbling journey of learning to trust God in every way. Mark previously served 20 years in the insurance and banking industries, was board chair for Quakertown Christian School, an elder at Doylestown Mennonite Church, a youth group leader, speaker and organizational consultant. He and his wife, Jackie, enjoy the outdoors and spending time with their three children and four grandchildren.


Worship – Spruce Lake Worship Team


Concert – Jazz Sunday Collective

The musicians of Jazz Sunday Collective are seasoned professionals who sincerely express the Spirit in every performance. They started out many years ago as a group of jazz musicians playing at regular church services together. Over time, the core trio of piano/vocal, bass and drums developed into a sensitive, creative unit. With arrangements and compositions by pianist David August, this group brings fresh ideas to music that has already stood the test of time and will inspire any listener.

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