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Women’s Retreat

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Sep 16 2022 - Sep 18 2022 - 4 - 7 pm Arrival

Want a spiritually enriching, welcoming experience that can excite your walk with Jesus? This is the place and time!



  • 2 nights lodging & 6 meals (Friday evening through Sunday noon)
  • $255/person (double occupancy), standard rooms
  • $214/person (triple or more occupancy), standard rooms
  • $399/person (single occupancy), standard rooms
  • Call for additional pricing

Speaker: Joanna Arp

We look forward to what our speaker will bring! Details on the way …

Worship & Coffeehouse: Amanda Grace Wetzel

A versatile, accomplished musician and entertainer, Amanda has performed in musical theater, chamber music and opera, Christian worship and more.  She is also an accomplished choreographer, dancer and actress. Her significant collaborations include a residency with the Adirondack Performing Arts Fellowship at CAMP-of-the-WOODS, international performances with Nyack College Chamber Music Group, and participation in multiple community theater productions throughout southeastern PA.  As a student at Nyack College, Amanda studied Classical Vocal Performance and Flute. She’s also been on the praise band at her home church for over 10 years.


Dramatic Scripture: Piercing Word


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