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Pursuit of Praise

Worship Leaders Conference

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May 22 2023 - May 24 2023 - 4 - 7 pm Arrival

Fresh perspectives from a coach who grasps the true nature of worship



  • 2 nights lodging & 5 meals (Monday dinner - Wednesday breakfast)
  • $60/person, quad (all private rooms)
  • $64/person, triple (all private rooms)
  • $70/person, double (all private rooms)


Dave Helmuth spends his life walking alongside worship leaders, building relationships that strengthen the church as he helps leaders, worship teams and congregations be the best versions of themselves.

“I’m a catalyst,” Dave says. “I help leaders, teams, and congregations grow in their worshiping lives. When others can’t find solutions to their problems, they come to me for out-of-the-box thinking. I’m creative and my enthusiasm for creating solutions is contagious. We can always find a way to get unstuck, to move past the obstacle, to overcome.”

Dave and his family live in Costa Rica, where he hosts Missional Retreats for worship teams on their 25-acre goat farm. In 2002, Dave pioneered the U.S.-based worship coaching organization called Ad Lib Music. He also writes a weekly email, “Worship Fertilizer,” to encourage and equip worship teams.


WORSHIP – Messiah College SEVEN

SEVEN is a group of multi-talented musicians from Messiah University who have a heart for ministry, performance and creativity. They write, collaborate, perform concerts and lead worship with great enthusiasm and expression. They represent a wonderful cross-section of the Messiah University community, with members from a variety of academic majors.

SEVEN’s mission is to spread the message of Jesus Christ through musical worship that incorporates each member’s unique gifts and creativity.


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