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ENGAGE: Youth Leaders Conference

FREE Retreat for Youth Workers

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Mar 30 2020 - Apr 01 2020 - 4 - 7 pm Arrival

Turning Youth into Lifetime Christians

This is a FREE CONFERENCE to all working with Youth in a church!


  • 2-nights lodging & meals (Monday dinner through Wednesday breakfast)
  • Complimentary for Youth Workers

This vital conference for pastors and youth workers gets at the heart of how to engage the youth in your families, churches and communities with their faith. Help youth grow in faith that’s honest, resilient and strong, so they will become followers of Jesus for life.


Who can attend “Engage”

· A current youth worker at a church, both paid and volunteer

· Sunday school youth workers


Keynote Speaker – Michael Sherrard

Michael C. Sherrard is a gifted teacher with a passion for equipping the church, especially the coming generations, to make the case for Christianity. He is lead pastor at Crosspoint Community Church, the co-creator and director of Ratio Christi College Prep, speaker for the Life Training Institute, and faculty member at Summit Ministries.

Mike travels throughout the United States and Europe training groups to contend for Christianity and the Pro-life position. He speaks at churches, camps, and conferences including the National Conference for Christian Apologetics, Summit Ministries, and the Clarkson Academy in Great Britain. Mike has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs such as FOX and Friends and Moody Radio.

Mike is the author of Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth released in 2015 by Kregel Publishing. He is a contributing author to the Revised Student’s Apologetics Study Bible. Mike also writes regularly on cultural, theological, and worldview issues. His articles have appeared in publications such as the Christian Research Journal, the Poached Egg and The Stream.

Mike has a B.A. in Religion and a Masters of Divinity with a concentration in Apologetics from Luther Rice College and Seminary, and has done considerable post-graduate work in the area of New Testament Ethics.

In 2004, he lucked out and married Terri Anna formerly Watts. Living in Peachtree City, Georgia with their five crazy kids, they attempt to make it through each day as they overcome severe sleep deprivation.


Breakout Sessions:


Pam Zimmerman – Ever Changing Culture

Leading students in an ever-changing culture is challenging.  Join us for a facilitated round table discussion focused on creating a ministry environment where students are excited to come, feel safe, loved and cared for, are discipled, and want to invite their friends.  Be a part of sharing, learning from one another, and hearing stories about what is working and what has not worked as you shepherd students.

Dan Nichols – Conflict Resolution

Conflict is everywhere, but few people are able to skillfully navigate conflicts with their friends, family, co-workers, church, or strangers. This workshop will help you biblically resolve conflict and effectively turn conflicts into opportunities.

Mel Walker – Catalysts for Change

How to Help Students Be Catalysts for Lasting Change in Your Church

Maybe one reason so many young adults walk away from church is because they don’t like all they see in “big church” – and maybe they are somewhat afraid that the church will stay “status quo” into the future. This workshop will discuss ways youth workers can help young people become change agents that can impact the entire culture of your church. We’ll talk about practical and specific ways that today’s students can be catalysts for lasting change as emerging adults in “their” church.


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