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ENGAGE: Youth Leaders Conference

FREE Retreat for Youth Workers

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Apr 01 2019 - Apr 03 2019 - 4 - 7 pm Arrival

Turning Youth into Lifetime Christians

This is a FREE CONFERENCE to all working with Youth!


  • 2-nights lodging & meals (Monday dinner through Wednesday breakfast)
  • Complimentary for Youth Workers

This vital conference for pastors and youth workers gets at the heart of how to engage the youth in your families, churches and communities with their faith. Help youth grow in faith that’s honest, resilient and strong, so they will become followers of Jesus for life.

Speaker – Eran Holt

Eran and his wife Julie, their three children, Caleb, Emma, and Ellie served as the Student Ministries Pastor at GT Church, Reading, PA for over 15 years.  During their tenure, the student ministry grew from roughly 30 students to over 400.  Eran’s passionate, creative and relevant preaching has distinguished him as a prophetic voice and communicator.  He speaks at various churches, retreats, conventions and conferences.  Eran’s passion is to inspire both students and parents in their faith.  In 2016 Eran & Julie founded Lead the Generation, a non-profit ministry focusing on providing both practical training and inspirational teaching to youth pastors, volunteer youth leaders and student leaders.  Eran also coaches and consults with youth pastors and churches on a variety of topics.  In 2018 Eran released his first book entitled, “23: Why the Psalm for Dying is a Guide for Living.”

Workshop #1:

“Games for the Win”
– Todd Pearage, Youth Pastor, Author for Download Youth Ministries

In this session we will be talking about how games can be a fun and effective tool in your weekly program.
We will look at some of the most dynamic resources available, and there may even be some prizes.


“The Basics of Defending the Faith for Teens”
– Randy Gaumer, Pastor and Director of Youth Ministries Spruce Lake

Times have changed. A few decades ago there were atheists among us, but you seldom heard much about them or from them. Now they are everywhere. YouTube has made it possible for anyone to share their beliefs and worldviews and atheist are taking great advantage the opportunity. Any young person today, if it hasn’t happened already, their faith will be challenged—from the existence of God to the resurrection of Christ. Your teens need to know how to respond.  This session presents several ways to prepare you teens for the anti-Christian world they are going to face.


Workshop #2:

“Parents Are Not the Enemy”
– Todd Pearage, Youth Pastor, Author for Download Youth Ministries

Sometimes that seems very untrue. Sometimes parents feel like “the enemy.” Sometimes it feels like ministry would be so easy if we never had to deal with helicopter moms and snowplow dads. But that is simply not the case; in fact, we need parents, and we need to care for them just as much as we need to care for our students. So in this session, we will spend some time discussing practical ways to partner, encourage and support parents.


“WHO CAN ASCEND THE HOLY HILL: How to Work with Lead Pastors”
– Randy Gaumer, Pastor and Director of Youth Ministries Spruce Lake

As a youth leader you see things in the youth that need to be addressed, you spend time with them, you know what they respond to, and you have good ideas about ways to more effectively reach into their lives, but how do you get your pastor, (senior, lead, teaching, whatever the title,) to hear you?

This session deals with how to understand leadership and how to influence leadership.


Workshop #1-2

“Transgender: More Than Meets the Eye”
– Fabian Kalapuch; New Jersey Ministry Network Director of Student Ministries

Our culture is crying out for freedom to “be who they are.” Students are overwhelmed with contrasting messages about gender, sexuality and identity. The church has been silent for too long, but when we do speak, we are fearful and timid. What do we say? What does the Bible say? How do we teach it? This session will guide you through the practical tips and skills that you might miss or overlook when dealing with this topic in your student ministry.


“Maximizing Influence for Making Disciples”
– Pastor Kris Wint; Lead Pastor at Finland Mennonite Church

Do you know the primary place where faith is nurtured? For better or for worse,

intentionally or unintentionally, the home is the primary place where faith is nurtured. Yet every week, millions of hours are focused on making sermons and quality experiences at church with little or no focus on what happens after people go home. Based on God’s word, this seminar will focus on the importance of nurturing faith at home and how to equip people to do just that. In doing so, we can maximize our influence to make disciples.


“Reaching & Ministering to Today’s ‘Spiritual Orphans’ ”
– Mel Walker, Founder of Vision for Youth

If churches are reaching young people for Christ, undoubtedly we will connect with “spiritual orphans” – young people with no human, adult spiritual influences in their lives. This workshop will discuss ways churches can position their family and student ministries to positively impact kids from broken and dysfunctional homes for eternity.


“Reaching Unchurched Teens”
– Jerry Major III; Executive Director of Youth for Christ in NEPA

Are you one of those youth workers that just aren’t satisfied when all of the kids in the church families are coming to youth group while there’s still a thousand kids in the school down the street that need to hear about Jesus. In this seminar we’ll talk about the conflict in youth ministries between doing evangelism or discipleship, make some suggestions if your church wants to make a difference in the local school district, discuss what makes it easy to invite new teens to your church’s youth ministry and talk through ways to empower your teens to have a heart for their friends.


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